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"FastCheckPOC" by DST

Point-of-Care allergy screening test

The next generation FastCheckPOC is the first Point-of-Care allergy screening test requiring only a few drops of capillary blood to rapidly identify IgE sensitization to 20 allergen extracts or mixes.
The panels are based on recommendations by international leading allergy experts and are user-specific and regional. Thus, FastCheckPOC covers over 90 % of pertinent allergens and enjoys high patient acceptance with its easy-to-use, timesaving screening method.



FastCheckPOC provides clinically relevant semi-quantitative results easily read with the naked eye. The tests can be performed in a cost-efficient manner at any Points-of-Care without special equipment. The FastCheckPOC results can be used immediately to diagnose and advise the patient as well as to decide upon further testing by a specialist.
FastCheckPOC shows good correlation to standard laboratory blood tests.
Allergy Screenings will become routine tools for physicians thanks to the new FastCheckPOC - unnecessary tests can be eliminated.

Quick facts:

  • Reliable firstline allergy screening at any point of care
  • A new generation of first line rapid IgE sensitization tests
  • Requires just a few drops of capillary blood
  • Semi-quantitative results within 20 minutes

thinXXS Microtechnology AG has been assisting DST in redesigning the FastCheck and is in charge of manufacturing and assembling  this unique Point-of-Care disposable.


>> Download "Case Study: DST" (PDF)